Know how the sun ages your skin and how to combat it

Know how the sun ages your skin and how to combat it

Though aging is an objective concept, skin aging is a whole another story. While there are some people who look much younger than their actual age, some others may look much older. Wrinkles, sun spots, and more are the telltale signs of aging, which begin showing up due to a variety of factors. Surprisingly, a major factor for skin aging isn’t the actual processes that occur in the body when we age, but external factors that are actually in our control. Lifestyle plays a part, but the biggest contributor is sun exposure, which causes drastic changes to the skin, making us look much older than we are. Sun damage on the skin can actually be harmful, both medically and aesthetically, causing a variety of issues to crop up.

Facts about the sun’s effect on aging

The primary effect of the sun on the skin is tanning, which causes the skin to darken. However, sun exposure is also responsible for a variety of other issues.

  • The rays of the sun penetrate through each layer of the skin, causing changes inside out
  • Sun exposure darkens the skin, causing hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone
  • Contrary to a popular sun aging myth, melanin content does not play a part in protecting sun damage to the skin
  • The number of wrinkles and pigmentation determines total sun exposure and sun damage on the face, and not the age of a person
  • Sun exposure causes the skin to dry and become flaky, making it appear wrinkled
  • Skin that is constantly exposed to sunlight experiences effects on the texture of the skin
  • The sun rays damage collagen, which is responsible for plumpness and tightness of the skin

How to protect and treat the skin from sun damage?

Though there is no foolproof method to ensure complete sun-aging protection, there are preventative measures and regular steps you can include in your life, to ensure minimum damage to your skin.

Wear sunscreen
The best sun-aging protection is the easiest and most effective way to stay comparatively safe from the sun. Make sure to buy the correct SPF required, depending on your lifestyle, and constantly reapply sunscreen once the SPF timing wears off. Wear sunscreen during winters and at home as well.

Stay indoors during peak hours
This may not be possible for many, owing to work and lifestyle. However, if possible, try and stay indoors during peak hours of sun exposure, which are between12: 00- 04:00 pm every day.

Follow a skincare routine
Make sure to use a face wash at least once a day, and exfoliate your skin (face and body) twice a week. Along with getting rid of built-up pollution and tan, this also helps keeps your skin supple and clear.

Dermatological treatments
Laser therapy and Pulse light therapy, among others, can promote the production of collagen and get rid of pigmentation and uneven skin tone, which reverse the effects of aging to a certain extent. An expert skin specialist can give you the best sun damage skin treatment based on your condition.

It’s hard to ignore the effects of the sun rays on the skin, especially when regular sun exposure can cause medical, as well as aesthetical issues. While you may not be completely protected from the harsh rays of the sun, taking precautionary measures and regularly caring for your skin can help you stay safe and minimize the damage caused to your skin by sun exposure.

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