Common Cosmetic Gynecology Questions

Common Cosmetic Gynecology Questions

Opting for a cosmetic gynecology treatment is not an easy decision to make. With numerous doubts and questions about the treatment, the best way to resolve queries are to simply voice them. Though patients come with their own set of queries, there are a few questions that are unanimously asked by almost every patient that walks through our doors. Additionally, these are questions that we, at Heal and Care believe that every patient needs answers to, in order to arm themselves with knowledge on whether the treatment is truly the best option they have.

1. Since when have you been conducting these treatments?

The chief specialist at Heal and Care, Dr. ManishaPatil, has been practicing in the field of aesthetic gynecology for more than a decade, with unparalleled expertise to her credit. A highly trained hair and skin specialist, as well as a cosmetic gynecologist, the vast training undertaken has resulted in superior treatments at every step.

2. Will I be in pain during the procedure?

We administer anesthesia before conducting the cosmetic gynecology procedure, so you won’t be able to feel any pain at all during the procedure. However, you may experience some pain after the procedure, which can easily be controlled with medication prescribed by us.

3. What type of anesthesia will I be given?

You may be administered either local or general anesthesia, depending on the exact procedures to be conducted. However, most cosmetic gynecology treatments require general anesthesia to be administered.

4. What is the cost of the treatment?

Each patient’s medical health and the condition is different. Moreover, each treatment comes with its own cost. Our experts consult on your case and craft a treatment plan, after which an estimated cost can be calculated.

5. How long will it take for me to recover?

Every patient’s healing pace and the procedure is different, due to which an exact recovery period cannot be quoted. However, patients can resume normal life with light activities within 4-7 days of the treatment.

6. Do you treat patients from other countries?

At Heal and Care, we are proud to have patients from countries across the world walk through our doors. International patients are also provided with comprehensive services that make their treatment and trip easier, allowing them to focus on recovery. Consult us for more information.

7. Are there any additional costs?

The estimated treatment cost quoted to you after your consultation is inclusive of all the services offered at our center, right from nurses, pre-op, etc. This ensures that you won’t be taken at surprise of having to bear any last minute expenses.

8. Do you payment plans to patients?

Once your treatment is determined, we give you a few financing options, depending on your particular requests and needs. Get in touch with us for information on payment.

9. How long will the effects of the treatment last?

The effects of your Vaginal Rejuvenation treatment are long lasting, with no requirement of touch-ups. However, if you have a vaginal birth, or experience any injury to the area, the effects of the treatment will be undone, requiring the procedure to be conducted again, based on your needs.

10. How long after the treatment can I resume sex?

We advise that you wait for at least 5-6 weeks after the procedure to have sexual intercourse. This minimizes the chances of contracting an infection and ensures that your healing is not disrupted.

In case a few of your questions were not answered in the above list, or you have further queries, feel free to email us on or call 8605912013 for more information.

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