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Tattoo Removal Treatment

Getting a tattoo seems like a great idea at the time, but there’s no guarantee of the same tattoo being relevant to a person’s life or personality years down the line. People often find themselves unhappy with their tattoo for numerous reasons. Sagging skin or wear and tear change the appearance of the tattoo, or it could represent a memory from the past. Often, the final tattoo may have a mistake or be different from what was in mind. Tattoo removal offers a great solution to the problem, with treatments to permanently remove the tattoo through safe methods, when conducted by professionals.

What is the Tattoo Removal Treatment?

In cases where people are unhappy with the present appearance of their tattoo, permanent tattoo removal in Pune, India, helps them get rid of the unwanted tattoo with minimal scarring and discomfort. There are several types of tattoo removals, ranging from topical lotions to surgery, etc. However, at-home methods can be dangerous and damaging to the skin. Professionals typically offer three types of tattoo removal treatments in Pune, India.

  • Surgery: Conducted under anesthesia, the skin containing the tattoo is cleaned to remove any pigmentation. Once completely cleaned, the wound is closed with the help of stitches and cauterized. Though this is a one-session process, the wound can cause a scar, especially with bigger tattoos.
  • Laser:The advanced A l Q-Switch 532/ 1064 laser is used to break up the artificial dyes in the skin, using laser energy. This helps burn off the tattoo with minimum pain and damage to the skin. Laser tattoo removal in Pune, India is the most effective and popular form of tattoo removal.
  • Dermabrasion: The tattooed skin is scraped off until the tattoo layer is revealed, and the dye seeps out. The new skin formed over is thus, free of pigments. This can be quite painful and uncomfortable after the treatment until the new skin is formed.

What are the benefits of tattoo removal?

There are numerous Tattoo Removal advantages that people should consider

  • Help get rid of an unwanted tattoo
  • Stops any further allergies in people who have suffered allergic reactions to the tattoo
  • Laser Tattoo Removal is safe and effective with no scarring
  • Can be done on any part of the body
  • Tattoo removal works on all skin types
  • Laser Tattoo Removal removes all color tattoos with minimal discomfort

What are the risks of tattoo removal treatment?

Tattoo removal does carry certain risks that patients should be aware of:

  • Slight risk of allergy to the laser treatment
  • Without proper after-care, the treatment can leave a scar
  • Some side-effects such as redness, blisters, etc. can occur for a short while.

What is the process of tattoo removal treatment

  • Initial consultation and treatment plan
  • Procedure
  • Recovery

During your initial consultation, we evaluate your condition and recommend the necessary treatment. We also explain the entire tattoo removal process to you in detail, for a better understanding of the treatment. A treatment plan is then created, that maps out how your treatment will look

What is the cost of tattoo removal treatment?

Tattoo removal cost in Pune, India depends on the type of treatment you opt for. Moreover, in the case of tattoo removal with laser, the number of sessions required differs from person to person, which impacts the cost of tattoo removal. Get in touch with our experts for a rough idea on the number of sessions needed to achieve your goal.

Why choose Heal and Care Clinic?

At Heal and Care Clinic, we believe in following the highest standard of practices, ensuring a safe and ethical treatment for each patient that comes through our doors. Dr. ManishaPatil is the leading skincare specialist in Pune, India, with years of experience in diagnosing and treating skincare conditions with a personalized treatment plan. At Heal and Care Clinic, we use the cutting-edge A l Q-Switch 532/ 1064 laser, that is the fastest and most effective equipment to remove tattoos with no scarring and minimal discomfort. This allows for superior treatments and easier recovery, giving each patient the freedom to make their own choice.

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