Fertility Counselling

Fertility Counseling

Going through infertility, and subsequently, fertility treatments can be incredibly confusing and stressful. Many couples often find it hard to wade through the rough waters, with a roller coaster ride of emotions. There are numerous moments where they feel like giving up and have a hard time maneuvering family and work life. This not only affects patients but their family as well, as they must offer support and understanding while dealing with their own emotions. Fertility counseling offers stability, and helps support couples and their families, giving them a clear mind through their fertility treatment.

What is Fertility Counseling?

Fertility Counseling gives patients a safe, comfort zone, where they can express their fears and doubts, and cope with their problems in a rewarding, healthy manner. These are completely confidential sessions, which patients, as well as their family,  can opt for. Our highly-skilled counselors give patients an understanding of the treatment, as well as its effects, so they can be well prepared to deal with the stress and emotions that accompany any fertility treatment. Most importantly, fertility counseling helps keep your mind and body healthy, allowing for successful fertility treatment.

What are the benefits of Fertility Counseling?

There are several fertility counseling benefits, in helping patients and their families,

  • Deal with stress and negative emotions
  • Work on their relationship
  • Understand the treatment and explore their options
  • Manage personal life and their treatment
  • Cope with infertility or unsuccessful treatment
  • Respond to the reactions of the outside world
  • Feel more in control of their life

Who can opt for Fertility Counseling?

Fertility counseling is typically recommended to infertile couples and their families, who:

  • Are unable to deal with the emotional impact of infertility
  • Require a better understanding of the treatment
  • Need help in managing the stress of fertility treatment
  • Need a boost of confidence in dealing with the outside world

What is the process of Fertility Counseling?

Anyone who wishes to seek help with any aspect of the treatment is welcome through our doors. You can choose the number of sessions you need, as well as if you would like to be counseled alone, with your partner, or with your family group. After your initial session, our fertility counselor advises you on the number of sessions you may need. However, there is no fixed group of sessions.

Why choose Heal and Care Clinic?

The fertility counselors at Heal and Care Clinic have years of experience in the industry and effectively help couples and their family deal with fertility treatments, and still go on with their normal lives. We understand that each patient’s desires and emotions are different, and take our time to understand each one’s exact issues, to provide a personalized counseling experience that values compassion and understanding. Opting for fertility counseling is your choice, but it might just be the best choice you make.

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