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FAQs about Labiaplasty

1. Am I a suitable candidate for labiaplasty?

Women who have enlarged Labia and face issues such as pain while sitting on hard surfaces, abrasions due to tight clothes, pain during sex, and more, can opt for labiaplasty, which can alleviate their issues and restore a quality of life.

2. How does labiaplasty differ from Vaginal Rejuvenation?

During labiaplasty, the surgeon reshapes and resizes the Labia by removing excess labial skin, to solve any functional and aesthetic issues owing to elongated Labia. Vaginal Rejuvenation involves various procedures to correct a variety of issues faced by women, such as Vaginal Tightening, Monsplasty, and more. labiaplasty is just a part of Vaginal Rejuvenation, which is a comprehensive treatment.

3. How can I prepare for my labiaplasty surgery?

The expert gives you a list of precautions that you can take before your surgery. However, some precautions such as avoiding consuming alcohol or smoking before the procedure are universal to each surgery. You may also be temporarily taken off blood thinners, as they might affect the healing process.

4. Will there be any scarring after labiaplasty?

When conducted by an expert, labiaplasty can be deftly performed by hiding any scars within the folds of the Labia. Moreover, the used of minimal incisions that avoid any visible scarring. Make sure that your surgeon is skilled to perform the surgery with finesse and excellent skill.

5. How long does the labiaplasty treatment take?

The treatment can take between 1-2 hours to be completed, depending on the complexity of the procedure. However, if you opt for other treatments to be conducted alongside labiaplasty, the time may differ.

6. How long is the recovery after labiaplasty surgery?

You can return to normal life 2-3 days after the labiaplasty procedure, as long as there is no heavy lifting or strenuous activity required in your workplace or home.

7. How long do I have to wait before having sex after labiaplasty?

Having sex before you heal completely may increase your risk of contracting an infection or undo any healing. Patients are typically advised to wait for 6-7 weeks until they resume sexual intercourse.

8. How much pain will I face during and after the labiaplasty procedure?

We administer general anesthesia before the procedure, which ensures that you don’t feel any pain during labiaplasty. You may feel moderate pain for the first few days post the surgery, which eventually subsides.

9. How much will Labiaplasty cost me?

Labiaplasty may be conducted alongside other procedures, which can affect the cost of the treatment. Get in touch with our experts for an estimated cost of the treatment, based on your treatment plan.

10. Are there any side-effects of Labiaplasty?

Post the labiaplasty treatment, you may experience some pain, discomfort, or swelling, which subsides over the following week, and can be easily managed by the medication prescribed by the surgeon.

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