Dandruff Treatment

Dandruff is an incredibly common condition faced by a majority of people, at least once in their lifetime. Though it isn’t contagious, dandruff can be quite embarrassing when clearly visible. While mild cases of the issue can be easily treated with over the counter products, severe cases must be treated with medicated products prescribed by a specialist.

What is Dandruff?

Caused by a greasy scalp, dandruff is white flakes that appear on the hair and shoulders. While this is not painful or discomforting, it can also cause itchiness, which aggravates the scalp. Having dandruff can also cause self-esteem issues, which must be tackled efficiently.

What are the causes of Dandruff?

There are a number of causes of dandruff, which is determined by your doctor.

  • Oily, sensitive skin
  • Fungus which grows on the scalp
  • Not washing the hair with shampoo regularly
  • Sensitivity to certain hair products
  • Dry skin

What are the symptoms of Dandruff?

Though it is quite easy to spot dandruff, there are a few warning signs that you should look out for.

  • White flakes on the hair and shoulders
  • Itchiness in the scalp
  • Scaly scalp

How is Dandruff diagnosed?

It is fairly easy to diagnose dandruff, but it is essential to get severe cases where dandruff is constant, to get looked at by a doctor. The specialist can diagnose dandruff by simply examining your scalp

Why you should consult a Cosmetologist for Dandruff treatment?

When left untreated, Dandruff can progress considerably. While it does not cause adverse medical conditions, Dandruff can affect social, professional and personal relationships. A Cosmetologist can diagnose the cause of Dandruff and treat it effectively, allowing for personalized care that keeps even chronic dandruff at bay. With specific scalp consultations, a Cosmetologist ensures that the symptoms of Dandruff, such as itching, flaking skin, and scabs are treated effectively, encouraging the growth of healthy hair follicles and improving quality of life. Under the guidance of a Cosmetologist in Pune, India, you can ensure that Dandruff is treated in a timely manner, without the condition interfering in other aspects of your life.

Why choose Heal and Care Clinic?

At Heal and Care Clinic, we pay close attention to the needs of each patient, determining what each one’s desired goals and outcomes of the treatment are.  Dr. ManishaPatil is the leading skin and hair specialist in Pune, India, with years of experience in the industry. We ensure that each patient’s case is tackled with a personalized treatment plan that caters to their condition. Experience treatments of the highest standard of excellence at Heal and Care.

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