10 Tips for a quick Mommy Makeover recovery

10 Tips for a quick Mommy Makeover recovery

Once women finish the process of pregnancy, childbirth, and frustration, they often feel a wide range of emotions and feelings. While there’s some sadness, that the period marks the end of a major phase in their lives, there is relief and happiness at being finished with this phase where the baby is solely dependent on its mother for food and nutrition. It is often during this time when mothers can be quite critical and sad about the changes to their body, and feel the desire to go back to their pre-pregnancy shape. A Mommy Makeover is a series of procedures that alter the shape of the body and correct any damage caused after pregnancy. While the efficiency of the treatment is a vital aspect of the process, the recovery is just as critical, often defining the end result achieved. Here are 10 tips for a quick recovery after your Mommy Makeover, to have you on your feet as soon as possible, with sky-high self-confidence.

10 Mommy Makeover Recovery tips for you to follow

    1. Get help and support from your loved ones
      As the Mommy Makeover is a surgical process, you would obviously need somebody to drive you home after the treatment. However, it’s also important for someone to stay overnight with you and help with recovery for the first 4-5 days after the treatment.
    2. Take it easy
      Your body needs time to heal, which requires rest. Clear your schedule for the first week, and take it easy at home. Avoid doing any housework, and spend ample time relaxing while your body does the rest. It is advisable to not lift your kids for at least a few days post-surgery, no matter how instinctual it feels.
    3. Don’t stay in bed
      Even though you’re meant to relax after your treatment, don’t just sit in bed all day long. Take slow, short walks around the house several times a day. This keeps your mind and body a bit active, and avoids blood clots, allowing for easier healing.
    4. Get your supplies ready
      It is recommended to get basic Mommy Makeover Recovery supplies ready, to avoid sending anyone or having to take trips to the store. Stock up on antibacterial soaps, a thermometer, water, fresh fruit, books, and more. Before your surgery, fish your loose-fitting clothes out of your cupboard, which is easy to put on and feel comfortable as well.
    5. Get your nutrition
      Eat soft, bland foods that are easier to digest and won’t upset your tummy. Make sure to incorporate all your necessary vitamins, proteins, etc. as well.
    6. Follow your doctor’s advice
      Your doctor is also likely to give you a few do’s and don’ts for recovery, which should be carefully followed. Make sure to take your medication on time and wear the compression garment given, which aids recovery and prevents swelling after the treatment.
    7. Drink plenty of water
      Water keeps you hydrated and healthy, preventing a buildup of toxins and allows for quicker healing. It also flushes out the anesthesia and antibiotics out of your system faster, promoting recovery.
    8. Avoid any blood thinners and over-the-counter medications
      Your doctor is sure to consult you on any prescription medication you may take. However, make sure to stay off blood thinners for at least 2-3 weeks before and after the surgery. Self-medication with over-the-counter medications is a big no-no as well.
    9. Sleeping position matters
      Try sleeping on your back, with your head elevated. This minimizes the risks of any complications with stitches and recovery occurring while you sleep.
    10. Stay out of the sun
      Sunlight can darken your incisions and make them more visible, which tampers with the effects of the treatment. Staying out of the sun allows your incisions to heal perfectly.

A Mommy Makeover gives women their quality of life back, by correcting the changes created to their body post-pregnancy and childbirth. This allows mothers to be rejuvenated, giving them the self-confidence to live life on their terms. Following these tips during your Mommy Makeover recovery time allows for perfect healing, leaving no opportunity for any regrets.

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