VIKINI Diode Hair Reduction Laser

VIKINI, High Power Hair Removal Diode Laser system

High Power Diode laser system for permanent hair removal equipped with collimated optical lens for the less pain and effective result with short pulse duration

VIKINI is a State of Art technology which can effectively work on every skin type and hair whether thick or thin. The procedures are completely painless and very fast. VIKINI works on Continuous Wave technology which makes sure the average Peak Power is the same in every pulse keeping it very accurate in every pulse, which might not be the case in other lasers which work on quasi-static waves. Every Pulse that is emitted by VIKINI system is divided into two parts, a Long pulse and Short pulse. FDP(Fast Delivery Pulse) Mode delivers 10Hz maximum speed for fast treatment for large treatment area and reduce treatment time with safety.

The Vikini is the fastest, most comfortable and most effective hair removal laser available today. See Great Results quickly and virtually painlessly with the powerful performance of the Vikini. This Medical Grade Diode hair removal laser works safely and effectively on a wide range of skin types, hair colours and treatment areas. Vikini uses rapid pulse delivery on combination with a sapphire cooling tip to minimize discomfort and maximize results.

The Vikini provides enhanced protection of the epidermis without compromising efficacy. This allows the treatment of a wider range of patients, even those with skin types IV and V (dark skin), are candidates for hair removal with the Vikini System.

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