Natural Cycle Monitoring

Natural Cycle Monitoring

Timing is essential, especially when it comes to conceiving naturally. The first step towards conceiving without medication and ART is to understand the ovulation cycle and determine the optimal time for conception. While it may not be possible to perfectly track your cycle at home, Natural Cycle Monitoring in Pune, India offers the best chance to time your cycle using advanced methods, for the best chance at conceiving naturally.

What is Natural Cycle Monitoring?

Ovulation marks the period of fertility in women. While most women naturally have a fixed ovulation cycle, there are many who may have irregular ovulation or require the process to be induced. Especially in women with regular menstrual cycles, it is easy to track and time the menstrual cycle in order to ascertain the optimal time to conceive through sexual intercourse. This is done by tracking the days during, between, and after menstruation, and assessing the growth and maturation of the Graafian follicles, responsible for the release of eggs, through ultrasounds and observation.

What are the benefits of Natural Cycle Monitoring?

There are a number of Natural Cycle Monitoring benefits for women:

  • It is completely safe with no side-effects, as there is no requirement of medication during the process
  • Natural Cycle Monitoring the most cost-effective methods of assisted conception
  • It is straightforward and easy to carry out, without adding stress to the body
  • It allows people to fulfill their dream through natural conception

Who can opt for Natural Cycle Monitoring?

Natural Cycle Monitoring is typically opted for by:

  • Women with regular menstrual cycles
  • Couples with unexplained infertility
  • Couples who wish to conceive naturally
  • Women below the age of 30

What is the process of Natural Cycle Monitoring?

  • Routine Testing
  • Tracking Ovulation and Follicle Growth
  • Results

Certain routine tests to check for the presence of any abnormalities such as cysts, polyps, Endometriosis, etc. are conducted to rule out the need for treatment.

What is the cost of Natural Cycle Monitoring?

The cost of Natural Cycle Monitoring depends on the duration of monitoring, as well as the number and type of tests required. Our experts initially consult on your case and establish an approximate timeline, after which the cost can be calculated. Get in touch with our team for a consultation and estimated Natural Cycle Monitoring cost in Pune, India.

Why choose Heal and Care Clinic?

Heal and Care Clinic is the primary fertility clinic for numerous couples traveling from all over. Our state-of-the-art clinic houses the finest diagnostic and therapeutic technology, which has aided successful outcomes since our establishment. Dr. ManishaPatil, the leading fertility expert in Pune, India ensures that each patient receives personalized services, which have led to numerous positive outcomes in Natural Cycle Monitoring and other treatments. Book an appointment with our experts, and fulfill your dream, today.

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