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Why Heal and Care?

All we do is care

Heal and Care has constantly remained at the forefront of aesthetic medicine through its years of expertise in the field. Each specialist in our state-of-the-art center carries the singular mission to provide treatments of the highest standard of excellence to each patient, giving them the opportunity to make their personal vision a reality. The wide array of cosmetology and gynecology procedures conducted by our highly-skilled specialists at Heal and Care deliver exceptional results at every step of the way. Dr. ManishaPatil, the driving force behind our center of excellence, supervises each treatment, and is constantly available by phone, enabling enhanced patient management that extends beyond the duration of the procedure. At Heal and Care, we believe in building long lasting relationships, because each patient deserves the absolute best.

Our USPs

Unprecedented expertise

The specialists in our center combine their vast experience and expertise to deliver the highest quality of healthcare in cosmetology and gynecology, allowing for comprehensive treatments conducted with excellent skill and technique. Over time, we have perfected the treatments offered in our center, giving rise to proven technique and artistry that yields precision and success for patients.

Cutting-edge technology

Our keen eye on advancements in the industry gives rise to the opportunity for improvement at every phase. We constantly upgrade the infrastructure in our center, to accommodate the latest technology and equipment used for treatment. The Israel-based lasers used in our center are FDA approved and enable precision in procedures, along with the additional benefit of being safe, ethical, and focused towards achieving positive patient outcomes.

Personalized treatments

Each patient walks through our doors with a particular vision in mind, which we believe is essential for the specialist to understand, in order for the doctor and patient to be on the same page. Our specialists translate your expectations on paper and craft treatment plans tailored to your condition and goals, allowing for a treatment that leaves patients with no regrets.

Excellent treatment standards

We believe in delivering the best experience to our patients. We constantly strive to meet the highest standard of excellence and safety in treatments that give patients the freedom to focus on their treatment with much-needed peace of mind. Each treatment is explained in detail to the patient, eliminating any unexpected situations coming your way.

Enhanced patient comfort

The peace of mind of each patient matters most to us, leading to a clinic environment that is hospitable, friendly, and patient-oriented, which is conducive to heightening treatment experience and promotes the highest chance of success. We believe that each patient is beautiful inside, out, empowering them with confidence to make their own decisions with complete respect and privacy.


What our happy clients say

My skin had become dull and dry due to traveling and stress. The skin rejuvenation procedure at Heal and Care worked wonders for me, and everyone could visibly notice the glow on my face. Thank you, Dr.Manisha!

Gayatri Joshi

I was very upset with the wrinkles and sagginess on my face due to aging and consulted Dr.Patil. She recommended dermal fillers. Though I was initially skeptical, the results were great. My face now looks plump and wrinkle-free. Highly recommend!

Sampada Shaha

I have been visiting Dr.Manisha for my acne scars. It has been 2 months now, and my scars have reduced by almost half. If you’re looking for acne and scars treatment in Pune, she is definitely the doctor to go to.

Nitesh Kumar

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