Preconception counselling

Pre-conception Counseling

If you and your partner are discussing the possibility of having a baby in the near future, pre-conception counseling is your guiding light to a smooth journey to parenthood. A thorough screening ensures that your medical issues are addressed, and you have a clear plan for pregnancy that gives you the best time to conceive. Our fertility specialists help you plan your pregnancy, by evaluating your health, lifestyle, and any other concerns you may have, to prepare your body for optimal health during and after conception

What is Pre-conception Counseling?

During pre-conception counseling in Pune, India, the specialist conducts a thorough examination to determine medical and gynecological history, and may also recommend numerous tests to evaluate your present medical and fertility health, and evaluate if you or your partner are at risk for any hereditary factors that may put your baby at risk. Your lifestyle habits and home, as well as workplace environments, are evaluated for any aspects that may hamper fertility. Any medical conditions found are treated or controlled, after which the specialist may suggest certain times where conception is at the highest chance of occurring.

What are the benefits of Pre-conception Counseling?

There are numerous pre-conception counseling advantages for couples, to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

  • Determines the best time to get pregnant
  • Eliminates any risks to the baby during pregnancy
  • Allows any medical and social needs to be addressed before conception
  • Helps couples make an informed decision, by considering any risks present
  • Values the health of both, the mother and child, during pregnancy

Who can opt for Pre-conception Counseling?

Pre-conception counseling is generally sought out by couples who:

  • Wish to know the best time to get pregnant
  • Have any existing medical conditions that might put them at risk
  • Are at risk for passing on genetic conditions
  • Have weight or nutrition issues that may cause complications
  • Follow unhealthy lifestyle habits such as smoking

What is the process of Pre-conception Counseling?

During the pre-conceptioncounseling process, our specialist analyzes past medical records and recommends a few tests to be conducted. Questions on home and work environment, as well as a lifestyle will be asked as well. Based on the results of your tests, as well as your answers, our specialist determines the issues that need to be addressed before conception and conducts the required treatments. It is recommended that patients opt for pre-conception counseling 3-6 months before trying for a baby, to give themselves enough time to reach optimal health for a safe conception and pregnancy.

Why Heal and Care?

At Heal and Care, our experienced fertility specialists take their time to understand each patient’s concerns and conduct a thorough evaluation to achieve the best possible result. Dr. ManishaPatil, the leading gynecologist in Pune, India, uses her years of experience blended with cutting-edge technology, to provide the highest quality of advice that focuses on achieving a positive outcome for each patient.

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