Family Planning (Contraceptive Advice & Abortion Counselling)

Family Planning (Contraceptive Advice & Abortion Counseling)

Family planning is every couple’s right, to prepare for and decide on parenthood when they are ready. However, meanwhile, it is essential to maintain your health to ensure that the steps you take to now, to prevent pregnancy, do not impact your future fertility and physical health. Family planning allows couples to make informed decisions on the best contraception and abortive method and helps them maneuver around the emotions that these decisions may bring on.

What is Family Planning?

The family planning specialist takes into consideration present physical health, as well as your goals and intentions of seeking advice on contraception or abortion, to determine the best possible option that keeps you and your partner in focus. Abortion counseling also helps couples who are planning to abort a pregnancy, or face a tough time dealing with the emotional impact of previous abortion, come to terms with their thoughts and feelings, and work through them in a healthy manner. Not just for couples, family planning is a great way for the family to understand and respect their decision as well.

What are the benefits of Family Planning?

There are a number of family planning advantages for couples evaluating their options.

  • Determines the best contraceptive or abortive measure
  • Helps in dealing with the emotional impact of abortion
  • Gives sound pregnancy advice
  • Helps the family come to terms with decisions
  • Empowers them to face the outside world

Who can opt for Family Planning?

Family planning is generally opted for by couples who:

  • Are looking for the best contraceptive method (pills, IUD, condoms, etc.)
  • Wish to undergo the least harmful abortion method
  • Are unable to handle the emotional impact of abortion
  • Need their family to respect and understand their decision

What is the process of Family Planning?

During the Family Planning process, our specialists evaluate your medical and physical condition, to understand your desired expectation and goals of treatment. Certain tests might be recommended, based off which we counsel and advice you on your options. This should help you make an informed decision with a clear mind.

Why Heal and Care?

At Heal and Care, we keep the patient at the core, ensuring that each step and piece of advice given keeps them in focus. Our experts are highly knowledgeable and skilled in the industry, ensuring that the patient’s needs and goals are thoroughly understood, to ensure seamless services that work towards achieving a positive outcome. We have an in-depth understanding of the stigma surrounding family planning in India and believe that not just couples, but their families are educated and made aware of the situation as well. By working through their emotions and issues together, we ensure that each couple comes out of their counseling session well-informed, with a smile on their face.

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