Vaginal Fat Grafting

Vaginal Fat Grafting

Just like the skin throughout our face and body, the skin on the Labia Majora tends to become loose and thinner as we age, or even due to stretching and pulling of the skin. This can cause not only aesthetical issues in the vaginal area, but also various functional issues such as abrasion, discomfort, pain during sex, and more. Vaginal Fat Grafting treatment in Pune, India, has helped alleviate numerous issues caused by loose vaginal skin, giving women an increased quality of life.

What is Vaginal Fat Grafting?

A person’s body has numerous areas high in fat content, such as the abdomen and thighs, which do not offer any use or functionality. The process of Vaginal Fat Grafting involves harvesting, processing, and purifying fat from these areas, and injecting them into the Labial skin, to make it plump and youthful. The entire treatment is minimally-invasive and quick, giving a permanent solution to sagging and thin vaginal skill, unlike the effects of temporary fillers, which must be redone at intervals to maintain results.

What are the benefits of Vaginal Fat Grafting?

There are a number of aesthetical and functional Vaginal Fat Grafting advantages for women who undergo treatment.

  • Makes the Labial skin plump and firm, which gets rid of pain and discomfort during sexual intercourse
  • Eases the discomfort felt from sitting on hard surfaces for long periods of time
  • Treats abrasion caused by sagging labial skin
  • Restores a smooth, youthful look to the vagina
  • Offers a permanent, long-lasting solution
  • Enhances self-confidence during intimate moments

Who is Vaginal Fat Grafting suitable for?

Vaginal Fat Grafting is typically opted for by women who:

  • Face pain and discomfort during sexual intercourse
  • Wish to restore plumpness and volume to labial tissue
  • Experience pain when sitting on hard surfaces
  • Have low self-esteem during private moments

What is the Vaginal Fat Grafting process?

  • Initial consultation
  • Procedure
  • Recovery

During your initial consultation, our experts understand your goals of treatment and determine if you are a suitable candidate for the procedure. A treatment plan is then crafted that is personalized to your condition and requirements.

What is the Vaginal Fat Grafting cost?

The cost of Vaginal Fat Grafting depends on your requirements and the amount of fat required to be harvested and injected during the procedure. Our specialist diagnoses your condition and creates a treatment plan, based on which an approximate cost can be calculated. Get in touch with our specialist for a treatment plan and estimated cost.

Why choose Heal and Care Clinic?

Heal and Care Clinic is one of the leading centers for cosmetic gynecology treatments in India, with industry experts and world-class technology. Dr. ManishaPatil is the best cosmetic gynecologist in Pune, India, with years of experience in the industry. She ensures that each patient’s goals and desires are taken into consideration and crafts a personalized treatment plan. With cutting-edge technology and advanced techniques, we ensure a seamless treatment that promotes success for each patient. Consult our experts, today.

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