Tearing of the perineum, which is the thin tissue between the vagina and rectum, is incredibly common during childbirth. Moreover, this tissue also tends to become thinner as women’s age, causing numerous issues such as difficulty while urinating and unsatisfactory sexual function. Perineoplasty treatment in Pune, India, supports and tightens the perineum, to alleviate many of these issues caused by torn or sagging perineal tissue.

What is Perineoplasty?

A Perineoplasty corrects in any deformities in the Perineum, to restore proper function. Any excess and saggy skin is removed, and loose muscles and tissue are sutured, in order to add back aesthetic and functional appeal to the area. During this procedure, the vaginal opening is tightened, which strengthen vaginal muscles to improve sexual satisfaction and tackle incontinence issues. A Perineoplasty can also be a corrective procedure to aesthetically improve the Perineum that may have been haphazardly stitched due to tearing during childbirth. Perineoplasty can also be performed as part of comprehensive Vaginal Rejuvenation or Mommy Makeover, along with other procedures such as Vaginal Tightening, Monsplasty, Labiaplasty, etc.

What are the benefits of Perineoplasty?

There are a number of Perineoplasty advantages for women who have experienced sagging and tearing of Perineum.

  • Tightens the vaginal opening to improve sexual function
  • Treats vaginal introitus, which occurs due to the small vaginal opening
  • Repairs tore Perineum during childbirth
  • Excises excess skin around the Perineum due to childbirth and aging
  • Prevents unusual vaginal contractions, resulting in pain

Who is Perineoplasty suitable for?

Perineoplasty surgery in Pune, India, is recommended to women who:

  • Have sagging or torn Perineum due to childbirth and aging
  • Experience decreased sexual function
  • Have vaginal introitus
  • Suffer from pain during urination or sexual intercourse
  • Have irregular bowel movements

What is the Perineoplasty Process?

  • Initial consultation
  • Surgery
  • Post-Surgery

During your initial consultation, our best surgeon for Perineoplasty in Pune, India, evaluates your medical condition and determines if you are a suitable candidate for the procedure.

What does the Perineoplasty cost?

The Perineoplasty cost in Pune, India depends on the severity of your condition. Sometimes, Perineoplasty is also conducted alongside other procedures such as Vaginal Tightening or Labiaplasty as part of Vaginal Rejuvenation or Mommy Makeover. Our experts evaluate your condition and craft a treatment plan, based on which an approximate cost can be calculated. Get in touch with us for a treatment plan and estimated cost of Perineoplasty.

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Heal and Care Clinic is the leading cosmetic gynecology center, owing to the world-class treatment provided to patients over the years. Dr. ManishaPatil is the leading cosmetic gynecologist in Pune, India, and efficiently conducts treatments using her years of expertise and unparalleled skill. The cutting-edge technology used allows for highly precise treatments of the highest standard of excellence, increasing each patient’s quality of life. Consult our experts for an appointment.

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